Joseph Stodgel – The Appreciation of Plastic on PDF

Appreciating Plastic

In this piece I consider the origins and common destinations of the many plastics that we use and throw away from day to day in our communities. Possible alternatives are discussed wherein that which is labeled as waste is turned into something of lasting value, practicality and aesthetics, in the place of the environmentally costly and resilience leeching usual practice.

I wrote this paper whilst studying with Jonathan Dawson, former president of the Global Ecovillage Network, at the Findhorn Foundation as part of a semester abroad with the Living Routes organization based in Massachusetts.

Download HERE

About spokeofsource

Just as the spokes of the wheel radiate from and meet in the center, so too does one hold the power of That. Great news - there is a solution to pollution! A humble tool is available for you to not send another bit of so called "trash" to landfills, oceans and incinerators - the eco-brick!
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